Road Trip

Riverside County Spring

Diamond Valley Lake Flowers

We had a very wet winter, so the wildflowers came out in full force in late March and Early spring in various parts of Southern California. We visited Diamond Valley Lake a week before they closed the trail because of all the photographers who refused to listen to the officers shouting at them to stay on the trails and get out of the flowers with their stupid fancy dresses. I am not exaggerating. People came to a beautiful place and jumped on top of it with their ugly mugs instead of looking at the flowers themselves. Because of the failure of compliance of the selfish, rule-breaking "photographers," the wildflower trail at the park has been permanently closed forever.

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park

We planned to drive to the nearby San Jacinto Wildlife Preserve, an amazing bird hotspot, but due to a road washout from the recent heavy rains—the same rains that had produced the magnificent wildflower blooms—we had to improvise, so we found another public park along the drive home, Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA, where we found over thirty species of birds and enjoyed the scenic beauty.